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Who is smarter human or monkey?

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Now, a new study has clarified the reason. Unlike chimpanzees, in the first two years of life, humans have a large explosion of white matter growth, or connections between brain cells. Despite sharing 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees, humans have a much larger brain and are much smarter as a species. 19th. 2012г.

Which is smarter, human or animal?

Strictly speaking, humans are the smartest animals on the planet.

Are you a wise human or a chimpanzee, at least by human standards?

Many factors help make the human brain better than chimpanzees, but new studies show that the genetic control of human brain development is loose, so primate cousins. You can learn more flexibly and adapt to your environment.

Which is stronger, human or monkey?

Chimpanzees are much stronger than us. Slate writes: Chimpanzees were twice as strong as humans when it came to losing weight. Apes also defeated us with the strength of their feet, even though we depend on our feet for movement.

What is the IQ of monkeys?

IQselected primate250-230humans of 60,000 BC185orangutan150gorillas105macaque

Who is smarter human or monkey?

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Is your memory better than a chimp?

What makes monkeys different from humans?

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