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Who is the largest milk producer in the US?

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California produced the most milk in the United States in 2019, followed by Wisconsin and Idaho.

Who are the top three US dairy companies?

Dairy Company Top 111 Dairy Farmers of America Inc. Annual sales (million units): $ 11,361.0. .. 2Saputo Inc. Annual sales (million units): $ 11,261.1. .. 3 Nestlé USA. Annual sales (million units): $ 11,041.0. .. 4Danone North America. Annual sales (million units): $ 6,520.0. .. 5 Agropur. .. 6 Shriver Foods. .. 7 Kraft Heinz Co., Ltd. 8ConAgraBrands. 2021 Notable Dairy Giants-Separators Inc

What is the largest dairy company in the United States?

1. Dairy Farmers of America Inc. Sales (million units): $ 11,361.0 * (2019)

Who is the largest milk producer in the US?

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