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Who would win in a race a cheetah or a ostrich?

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An ostrich that cannot fly is not leaning forward. Ostriches do not beat cheetahs over 100 meters, but unlike explosive cats that get tired after about a minute, ostriches can maintain a speed of about 50km / h for as long as 30 minutes. The fastest fish are faster than the cheetah. 17 July 2021

Can ostriches defeat cheetahs in races?

The only predators that can overtake them are cheetahs (which can run at speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour), but because they have the speed but power to catch them. Cheetahs do not attack ostriches Drop big animals like adult ostriches on the ground and .31окт big cats. 2016

Which is faster, cheetah or ostrich?

The fastest land animals are cheetahs, recorded speeds ranging from 109.4 km / h (68.0 mph) to 128 km / h (80 mph), with reliable fastest speeds of 98 km / h (61). mph). .. A list of animals by speed. Rank15AnimalOstrich Maximum speed 96.6km / h (60 mph) ClassLand

Which is better, cheetah or ostrich?

Cheetahs and ostriches can definitely protect themselves in their own Africa. Cheetahs have incredible speed. They are the fastest terrestrial animals. Ostriches are the largest birds, but there are also deadly kicks known to kill lions.

Do cheetahs eat ostriches?

Cheetahs live in the same African habitat, so they eat ostriches.

Who would win in a race a cheetah or a ostrich?

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