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Why are all my fish attacking one fish?

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In general, territorial fish are usually the strongest territorial fish for their species. They can be particularly aggressive against other species of the same species of the same gender. Therefore, if another fish appears to be the same species, the same gender, and a potential rival, it can be driven away. 1янв. 2019г.

How can I prevent my fish from attacking other fish?

Here are some tips for dealing with aggressive fish in the aquarium. 1 Use the net to separate the fish. .. 2 Rearrange the aquarium decorations. .. 3 Add a new hiding place to the aquarium. .. 4 Separate the passive fish. .. 5 Isolate the bully. .. Get a larger aquarium than 6. .. 7 Move the aggressive fish to another aquarium. How to deal with aggressive fish in an aquarium?

Why does my fish peck other fish?

Fish chase each other for a variety of reasons, including territorial protection, establishing control, competing for food, and mating. Even fish, which are usually obedient fish, can chase other fish due to constant stress. This can be due to incompatible tankmates, poor water quality, or overcrowded tanks.

Why are all my fish attacking one fish?

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