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Why are bird brains smaller than other mammals?

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Both birds and mammals have brains that are 6 to 10 times larger than the brains of reptiles of the same body size. Among birds, the largest brains are found in passerines, woodpeckers and parrots, and the smallest brains are found in birds such as pigeons and chickens. One of the major differences between the bird's brain and the mammalian's brain is that the bird's brain is much more densely packed with neurons. This means that one square centimeter of a bird's brain contains far more neurons than the equivalent square centimeter of a mammalian brain. Humans are not the only intelligent creatures on the planet. Studies show that animals are much smarter than most people understand. Many primates and birds can use tools, and many mammals exhibit a high degree of cognitive ability. Even small insects can work together to solve seemingly complex problems. Indeed, the size of the brain, or part of the brain, is a reasonable indicator of skill. In individuals with sensory deprivation, other sensory inputs take over the dormant cortical areas. In the case of visual impairment, the size of the somatosensory area of ​​hearing or antennae increases, and the sensitivity of hearing or touching increases accordingly.

This is another reason why there are so many differences in the structure of the brain. Unlike the mammalian brain, the bird's brain lacks the complex folds found in the mammalian cerebral cortex, and the cerebral cortex itself is proportionally much smaller than the mammal.

Do birds have larger brains than mammals?

On average, the brains of songbirds and parrots are much larger than their body size compared to the other species examined, so about 2 of primates, mammals and other birds. Can accommodate twice as many neurons.

Why do birds have more nerve cells than mammals?

Birds pack more cells into their brains than mammals. Overall, they say that the bird's brain contains significantly more neurons compared to the brains of mammals and monkeys of similar size, and these "extra" neurons are predominantly forebrain bird equivalents. I discovered that it is located in a structure called a pallium. 1 & gt;

Are birds smarter than humans?

The bird's brain is much smaller than the mammalian's, and lacks the heavily wrinkled cerebral cortex, which is characteristic of the human brain and is widely believed to be the locus of intelligence. increase. Therefore, it was widely believed that birds were not such smart creatures, but recently this has begun to change.

Why is the size of the brain important?

There are two reasons. First, the structure of the brain is more important than the size of the brain, and the human brain with a highly folded and complex cortex can do what no other brain can. Second, relative size is more important than absolute size.

Why are bird brains smaller than other mammals?

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