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Why are sea sponges classified as animals?

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Sponges are multicellular, heterotrophic, lack cell walls, and are similar to other animals in that they produce sperm cells. all sponges are sessile aquatic animals. That is, it sticks to the surface of the water and stays in place (that is, does not move).

Why are sponges?

Sponges, although primitive, are classified as animals. They belong to the phylum Sponge. Sponges are multicellular and eukaryotic. Like other animals, it absorbs organic carbon rather than fixing it from an inorganic source such as carbon dioxide. 2016

Is the sponge an animal or a plant?

One of the sponges and the primitive multicellular aquatic animals that make up the sponge phylum. Approximately 5,000 species are listed and inhabit all oceans that attach to surfaces above 8,500 meters (29,000 feet) deep from the intertidal zone.

What is a sponge?

Sponges are classified in the phylum Sponge. The word "Porifera" comes from the Latin words "porus" (pore) and "ferre" (bear), meaning "pore bearer". 'This is a reference to the numerous pores or holes on the surface of the sponge. It is through these pores that the sponge sucks in water.

Why are sea sponges classified as animals?

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