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Why are sponges the first animals to reproduce?

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Sponge cells perform all the functions of organs in higher animals and communicate with each other, a shared ability of all animal cells. sponges also breed using their pumping. Pump sperm and eggs into the water. They were the first animals to reproduce sexually.

Why is the sponge considered the first animal?

The sponge may have been the first multicellular animal. Multicellular (meaning that cells attach to each other, communicate with each other, depend on each other for survival, and specialize in performing different tasks) to produce more complex organisms. It is the key of. The first animal?

Sponge was one of the first groups of animals to evolve on Earth, but the discovery of new chemical evidence confirmed the emergence of this species 120 million years earlier than previously thought. ..

Why are sponges considered unique in animal evolution?

Why are sponges considered unique in animal evolution? They are believed to have evolved from a group of flagellates that are completely different from other animals. They are also considered to be evolutionary dead ends.

Why are sponges the first animals to reproduce?

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