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Why are sponges the simplest of all multicellular animals?

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Sponges are considered one of the simplest animals, primarily because their bodies are not organized into organ systems or even tissues. Rather, the sponge is made up of a group of cells that work together to contribute to meeting the daily needs of the sponge.

What is the simplest multicellular animal?

This applies to the simplest multicellular animals, the sponge, but also to the most complex animals.

Why is a sponge a simple animal?

A simple animal with many cells but no mouth, muscles, heart, or brain. It's ill-mannered: it can't move from place to place like most animals can. A sponge, like most plants, is an animal that grows in one place.

Why do scientists consider sponges to be the simplest and most basic animals?

How can the sponge survive without the digestive system, excretory system, circulatory system, and respiratory system? ..

Why are sponges the simplest of all multicellular animals?

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