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Why did Picasso paint the dove of peace?

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Picasso's dove lithograph was used to describe the poster for the 1949 Paris Peace Conference. It was chosen by the poet Louis Aragon, a supporter of the French Communist Party who visited Picasso's studio. The pigeon has become a symbol of peace and world communism.

Why did Picasso draw a dove and a girl?

The presence of pigeons is especially important because it represents peace and purity. It also had personal implications for Picasso, who saw his father Jose Ibrasco draw a dove when Picasso was a boy.

What is the meaning behind Pablo Picasso's art?

Picasso painted and sculpted without restrictions to express himself. He shows us all aspects of life, light and darkness, his sadness, his joy and his joy. This is why he was inspired.

What inspired Picasso's art?

From 1906 to 1909, Picasso was greatly influenced by African art after being exposed to traditional African masks and other works of art brought from Africa to the French Museum in Paris. I did.

Why did Picasso paint the dove of peace?

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