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Why do bees have two sets of eyes?

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These detect light (do not detect shape). In other words, the bee can detect if the predator is approaching from above. The two large eyes on either side of the head are made up of many small lenses, each stitching together a wider image of what the bee can see. This is known as compound eye. 11th. 2019г.

Why do bees have more than one eye?

The simple answer is: The two large eyes on the sides of the head (called "compound eyes") are used to pick up shape and color in a direct environment, and the three small eyes on the top of the head (called "compound eyes") Used to pick up shapes and colors in a direct environment. Important for navigation and orientation. The following detailed information. 1 мар. 2021

Do all bees have five eyes?

All kinds of bees actually have five eyes. The two large eyes of a bee are called compound eyes because they are made up of thousands of small lenses. .. The bee's eyes do not see the same color as us. They can see UV light, but we can't.

Do bees have a bator?

The rectum functions like our large intestine and is the main location for water absorption in the intestine after digestion and absorption of nutrients. The exit of the digestive system used to expel food waste (poop) during flight. Also called a "stab wound," it is used to puncture the skin and deliver poison to the wound. 2017

What do Oseri's eyes do?

Otheri is a simple eye. That is, it collects and focuses light through a single lens. These simple eyes help the bees in the direction of the sun so that they can navigate well during the day. 2011

Why do bees have two sets of eyes?

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