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Why do elephants gather around a newborn?

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A few seconds after she gave birth, a flock of joyful elephants gathered around him, working hard to protect and protect their precious new baby. using the trunk, they gently lift him and sweep dust to his body to keep his skin safe from the sun. The 13th. 2016 г.

Why do elephants surround the newborn?

The calf may grab the mother's tail with its trunk and catch up, while other female elephants surround the calf to protect it from danger.

Does the elephant play the trumpet when the baby is born?

Elephants form a matriarchal society that can be as small as a mother or calf, or as small as 40. When a baby is born, elephants often play the trumpet loudly to celebrate. According to Joyce, there is the potential for maladaptation, and this large trumpet has the negative effect of attracting male passers-by. February 2017

Why does a herd of elephants reject a baby?

Why do elephants reject their newborns? Elephants are so tactile and sociable that mothers who reject newborns appear to be very rare. .. This phenomenon may be associated with the mother's suspicion of a calf malformation or the psychological distress of calving.

Why do elephants gather around a newborn?

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