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Why do humpback whales travel in pods?

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Humpback whales were once endangered, but are now recovering. It inhabits pods and moves from cold summer feeding grounds to protected warm waters in winter. 2 days. 2016 г.

Why do whales move in their pods?

Pods are a social group of whales. The bond between mother and calf is the strongest. Members of the pod can protect each other. Toothed whales move large and sometimes stable pods. They often hunt prey in groups, move with them and take care of their children.

How many humpback whales move in the pod?

Humpback whales migrate in pods or groups of 2 to 15 individuals. Often, these groups are temporary, meaning that they are together for a short period of time.

Why do barnacles attach to humpback whales?

In the case of barnacles and whales, only barnacles benefit from adhering to the barnacles, but whales do not have a biological cost. This type of symbiotic relationship is known as symbiosis. In this case, by adhering to the whale, the barnacles have a stable living environment, a free ride, and access to plenty of food.

Why are humpback whales organized?

Whale herds usually represent particularly productive parts of the ocean. To support that many humpback whales, the prey needs to be dense.

Why do humpback whales travel in pods?

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