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Why do sponges lack organs?

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Unlike protozoa, sponges are multicellular. However, unlike higher metazoans, the cells that make up the sponge are not organized into tissues. Therefore, the sponge lacks true tissue and organs. Moreover, they have no body symmetry.

Does the sponge have organs?

The sponge is considered the oldest animal phyla. They are multicellular, but have no tissues or organs. .. The small pores are the entrance to a complex channel system where the sponge pumps a stream of water from which cells extract small particles of food.

Why doesn't the sponge need organs to survive?

The sponge does not have true sensory organs, so it cannot hunt prey. Fortunately, they don't have to travel to find food. .. These cells are equipped with small tentacles called flagellas that rock back and forth to draw water into the sponge's body.

How does a sponge live without organs?

Most of them have no symmetry. Some of those cells do a special job, but the sponge lacks tissues and organs. .. It is the key to the survival of the sponge, as moving water carries food and removes waste products. Water enters the small pores of the sponge's entire body.

Why do sponges lack organs?

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