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Why does giraffe have an E at the end?

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Please do this because the double "f" is uniquely used and ends with an "e" in the word. This kind of thing reminds me of the spelling of old words why does the unvoiced "-e" at the end of a word lengthen the vowel? Why is "giraffe" not a plural "giraffe" like "wolf" wolf "? Другие результатыссайта english.stackexchange.com


Why are multiple giraffes confused? All nomenclature ending in ff or ffe (cliffs, giraffes, etc.) just add s. Some writers say I confuse these nomen with nouns ending in f or fe (leaves, wives, etc.), but the rules for forming the plural are not simple.

Why do you pronounce giraffes?

Basically, "giraffe" is input from French to English, so the latter g is always pronounced "soft" before e and i, but "give" and "give" are German. A word of word origin, the same letter retained the original "hard" sound. This is because, like many other letters, the "g" represents multiple sounds.

What is the correct plural of giraffe?

Noun. gi ・ raffe

Why does giraffe have an E at the end?

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