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Why don't all animals have vocal cords?

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Various other mammals (and some lizards) have a larynx, but none use it exactly like ours. Birds have a unique mechanism, the syrinx. Frogs Why can't animals make human speech? --How does the Quora giraffe communicate without vocal cords? --Quora If all animals had vocal cords and tubes developed / specified as follows Are there any animals that have vocal cords to speak humans Другиерезультатыссайта www.quora.com Science Those have actually started their special scale. They have been used as inspiration for space swimwear, which gives swimmers great benefits. Which animal does not have vocal cords? Rabbit. Rabbits don't really have vocal cords. But that doesn't mean they are always completely silent. Rabbits make some mechanical noises from eating carrots and the like, but they don't hear them coming out of their mouths. Not possible without vocal cords.

animalhow.com Изображение: animalhow.com Now that we've learned how humans, dogs, birds and dolphins "speak", here are some reasons why animals speak. Don't talk like a human. The animal brain is not as complicated as the human brain. Some species do not have vocal cords. Many species do not have the subtle control over the lips, teeth, jaws, and tongue needed to shape the language.

Are there any animals without vocal cords?

Some have no vocal cords, but you can make sounds depending on the situation. Perhaps goldfish can be said to be silent, and some species of sharks can. It can be said that a rabbit without vocal cords makes no sound, but have you actually heard it?

Which animal makes no sound at all?

-Kirin-No vocal cords, no sound at all. -Snake-Do not generate snake noise or have vocal cords.

Can a rabbit make a noise without a vocal cord?

Stressed rabbits can make a rather scary growl that sounds like they are in pain. But most of the time, it just sits quietly and does business. Rabbits make a mechanical sound when they eat carrots, but they can't hear anything from their mouths. Not possible without vocal cords.

Do dogs need to cut their vocal cords to bark?

However, people forget that the sounds made by animals are a form of communication. You might say it's their own way of speaking. Unfortunately, many judges have ruled in favor of people who complain of constant barking by ruling some dogs to amputate their vocal cords.

Do all animals have vocal cords?

Reptiles, amphibians and mammals all have a larynx. The larynx is located at the top of the throat and protects the airways. The tissue folds (vocal cords) there can also vibrate, allowing humans to speak, pigs to growl, and lions to roar. Birds also have a larynx.

Which animal does not have vocal cords?

Many animals do not have vocal cords. Many simple sea creatures such as fish, jellyfish and starfish do not have vocal cords.

Why can only humans speak?

Instead of ascribed speech skills to the superior intelligence of humans, this study suggests that speech has evolved in connection with the rewiring of the human brain. As humanity becomes more and more important to voice communication, the neural domain has evolved to meet these needs. 2018

Which animal does not make sound due to lack of vocal cords?

Giraffes do not have vocal cords.

Why don't all animals have vocal cords?

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