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Why is a sea otter called a family?

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Adult sea otters usually weigh 14-45 kg (31-99 lb), are the heaviest members of the Mustelidae family, but one of the smallest marine organisms

What is a sea otter family?

Currently, the sea otter population is estimated to be slightly over 3,000. .. A group of sea otters resting together is called a raft. Sea otters are known for wrapping their puppies and themselves in kelp to keep them out of the ocean.

Why is the sea otter group called a raft?

Sea otters are floating in the ocean waves in a group called rafts. These rafts are usually gender-based. That is, boy sea otters like to hang out together, and girl sea otters like to hang out together. .. Having a foot allows the sea otter to keep the delicate soles warm.

Is a sea otter a family of cats?

Order-Carnivores Carnivores include dogs, cats, all mammals in the bear family, raccoons, and otters.

Are otters part of the seal family?

Otters and seals belong to two different families. Therefore, there are many differences between them. Otters belong to the Mustelidae family, and seals belong to the Mustelidae family. .. If the otter has feet, the seal has flippers.

Why is a sea otter called a family?

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