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Why is a sponge an animal and not a plant?

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So what's the difference between a sponge and a plant? The sponge catches and eats food. And unlike plants, they do not have the ability to make their own food. But rather they capture small microbes and plants from the water they live in. 11 сент. 2016 г.

Is the sponge an animal or a plant?

One of the sponges and the primitive multicellular aquatic animals that make up the sponge phylum. Approximately 5,000 species are listed and inhabit all oceans that attach to surfaces above 8,500 meters (29,000 feet) deep from the intertidal zone.

Why should sponges be considered animals?

Water is pumped through the cells of the small pores to the inner chamber, which is lined with choanocytes, which are lined with caterpillar cells. They ingest food particles and water is drained from the sponge surface through the oscram. Therefore, they can be considered like animals. 2003

What is the difference between sponges and plants?

Like plants, adult sponges stay in one place. However, unlike plants, sponges must take food into their bodies to survive. They cannot make their own food like plants. .. Some of those cells do a special job, but sponges lack tissues and organs.

Is the sponge a kind of plant?

Sponges look good and are often mistaken for plants. But they are animals – even though we usually don't have the body parts associated with animals. .. Water flows into the sponge through a small hole (called the mouth) along with fine animals and plants (plankton). 2014г.

Why is a sponge an animal and not a plant?

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