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Why is elephant so important?

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Elephants help maintain other species of forests and savanna ecosystems and are integrated with abundant biodiversity. Elephants are important ecosystem engineers. They route to jungle habitats that allow the passage of other animals.

How do elephants help the earth?

As the largest of all terrestrial mammals, the African elephant plays an important role in balancing the natural ecosystem. They trample forests and dense grasslands, leaving room for smaller species to coexist. Elephants also create water holes for other wildlife to use when digging dry riverbeds when rainfall is low.

What if the elephant is extinct?

Biodiversity supports all life In other words, if elephants are completely eliminated or if they cannot roam freely in a large ecosystem, these ecosystems will not prosper. .. They lose diversity and, in some places, fall into oversimplified poverty.

Why is it important to save the Indian elephant?

Protecting elephants also protects other animals in their habitat. Asian elephants help maintain the integrity of forest and grassland habitats. Their large size allows the creation of routes through the jungles where they travel, which in turn creates access to other wildlife.

Do elephants help humans?

With all that elephants offer, the battle to end extreme poverty can include the protection of these precious creatures. Preserving species can help other animals, forests, and humans throughout Africa.

Why is elephant so important?

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