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Why is my cat so weird about water?

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"Cats don't like to bend their whiskers. This is called whiskers stress," said Dr. Greco. As a result, cats may dislike bending water dishes or touching their whiskers. The 23rd. 2020г.

Why are cats so crazy about water?

The answer probably lies in your survival instinct. Cats tend to look for fresh, clean water rather than stagnant water. Probably because freshwater is less likely to contain harmful bacteria than stagnant water. In addition, running water tastes better.

Why do cats hate water?

However, cats are more likely to dislike getting wet because their fur gets wet. Cats are grumpy animals and spend most of their day grooming. .. Wet fur is heavier than dry fur, which reduces the agility of cats and makes them easier for predators to prey on. There is also a shock factor.

Why is my cat so weird about water?

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Why does my cat not care about water?

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