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Why is the Komodo dragon an endangered species?

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According to IUCN, Komodo dragons are affected by climate change, and over the next 45 years, rising global temperatures and subsequent sea levels will reduce more than 30% of the habitat of ancient lizards in Komodo National Park. It is about. park. 26th. 2021

Is the Komodo dragon an endangered species?

Уязвимые A real version of Godzilla, the Komodo dragon, is now an endangered species, and experts believe it is endangered. Recently, the world's largest lizard has been transferred from Vulnerable to Endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List. 13 2021

When was the Komodo dragon classified as an endangered species?

This classification is not currently working, but the lizard was redesignated as a vulnerability in 1996 and has remained for the last 25 years. In reassessing the 2021 Komodo dragon, IUCN considered a variety of factors related to its lifestyle and habitat. 2021

Why should we save the Komodo dragon?

Saving Komodo dragons also means protecting natural prey such as deer and pigs. The predatory instinct of the dragon must be maintained so that the species can survive in the wild without excessive human intervention. 2021

How many Komodo dragons remained in 2021?

Today, I.U.C.N. It is estimated that there are 1,380 wild Komodo dragons and 2,000 juveniles. 8 2021

Why is the Komodo dragon an endangered species?

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