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Why is the Sparrow so powerful?

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The rapid rise to power of the High Sparrow is the result of lower class disillusionment through all of the turbulent changes in power and the protracted threat of war. Religion is a powerful tool for gathering believers from people who have no other place to turn. November 11, 2016

Why did cersei give high Sparrow power?

Selsey offers a new high sparrow as an ally, preventing them from sucking up the streets in the story (instead, to work as an army that she thought she would first command), and faith. In exchange for thinking that I would forgive my debt.

What are the goals of High Sparrow?

High Sparrow's only real goal is to serve his harsh and effective gods. Or he is to serve a much more secular master.

Is High Sparrow Evil?

He is still quite misunderstood in the book, but sparrows are not so malicious in some respects. Unlike the usual fallen Septons and aristocrats, High Sparrow seems to really want to help the poor. He sells much of his wealth of faith to buy food for the poor.

What did High Sparrow do to Selsey?

Appointed to High Septon by Sasay Lanister, he arrested Queen Margery, her brother Loras Tyrell, and Sasay himself for rebelling against the gods and religion with an iron fist. Enforced the law. It was at his command that Selsey roamed the city naked as atonement for his sins.

Why is the Sparrow so powerful?

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