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Why is there no S in deer?

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If you look at the dictionary, you can see that the "deer" comes from the German "tier", the beast. German does not add an "s" to form a plural like English, so one deer, two deer, etc.

Does the deer have an S?

Deer are accepted as plurals, but are rarely used. The word deer comes from the Old English deor. This means a beast, a four-legged animal. Also, Dutch dier and German tier. Deer is one of the irregular plural words such as sheep and fish.

Do deer have plural forms?

Nouns, plural deer, (sometimes) deer. It is one of several ruminants in the deer family, most of which have hard deciduous antlers.

What are the animals that do not have the plural?

Plural and invariant nouns (called "zero plurals") include "series," "aircraft," and "species." However, most zero plural words refer to animals such as deer, mousse, sheep, elk, walrus, antelope, fish, buffalo, and salmon. 2014

What is the singular form of a deer?

Word format: Deer language Note: Deer is both singular and plural. Countable noun. Deer are large wild animals that eat grass and leaves.

Why is there no S in deer?

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