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Why should we save the Indus River Dolphin?

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Why is the Indus river dolphin important?

Why are they important? He sees dolphins on the Indus River in the Bees River, a tributary of the Indus River in Pakistan and Punjab, India. .. Like other freshwater dolphins, the Indus river dolphin is an important indicator of river health.

Why do we need to save the Indus river dolphin?

The purpose of this project is the accidental killing of net entanglements, unsustainable fishing, confinement in irrigation canals, the intent of oils used in fish feed and some traditional medicines. It is to protect and protect dolphins from threats such as murder. Contamination, Afterbrana said, .30 мар. 2015

How can you protect the Indus river dolphin?

Indus river dolphin conservation activities began in 1992, when WWF launched a dolphin rescue program, and have been in place since then. The program works with the Sind Wildlife Service to safely rescue dolphins that have stranded by returning from the canal to the main river channels.

Why South Asian river dolphins are blind

Locally known as Boulan, it is found only on the Indus River. It is primarily 1,300 km (807 miles) long between northeastern and southern Pakistan. Mammals are blind because they do not have a crystalline lens.

Why should we save the Indus River Dolphin?

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