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Will a mother rabbit harm her baby if she smells?

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This is the best time to castrate a man while the mother is raising the baby. Men probably won't hurt the baby, but females can get pregnant

Can the mother's rabbit smell the baby?

It is an old woman's story that the scent of humans and other animals causes mothers to abandon their babies. The mother rabbit does not care about the baby's odor and continues to take care of the baby, even if treated. .. In short, if you find baby rabbits or baby birds, they will not be abandoned by your mother.

Do rabbits reject babies when touched?

And don't panic if you or your child touches the rabbit. It is a myth that mother rabbits (and many other wildlife moms) reject babies when they smell human. Just cover the nest and never touch the baby again. Handling small objects can cause injury and stress.

Can a mother and a baby rabbit live together?

Rabbits that are about to give birth pull out their fur and build nests. .. In that case, the man can break up and the mother can be together because it is not known which baby belongs to which rabbit. Make sure the cage is oversized and make sure there is enough space on both sides to nest.

Why does Mommy's Rabbit kill her baby?

Rabbits are sick, stressed, lacking milk, mistaken for placenta, kit is dead, rabbits are too young to be mothers, etc. Eat the kit for a variety of reasons. She doesn't have enough milk. .. The kit is already dead.

Will a mother rabbit harm her baby if she smells?

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