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Are Indus dolphins blind?

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The Indus river dolphin, also known as the "Boulan," is one of the most endangered cetaceans in the world. They are closely related to the Ganges dolphins, also known as soot. Their eyes are so small that scientists believe they are functionally blind and only sense the level and direction of light. 12th. 2016 г.

Why Indus Dolphins are Blind

Dolphins on the Indus and Ganges have naturally lived in muddy rivers for millions of years. It is often called a blind dolphin because it lost sight after evolution. Instead, rely on sophisticated sonar or echolocation systems to navigate.

Do you have eyes on Indus river dolphins?

Indus river dolphins are large, reaching up to 200 pounds and 8.5 feet long. .. This freshwater dolphin inhabits the Indus River in Pakistan and India. Their eyes are small and weak and rely almost entirely on echolocation in the shallow muddy waters of the river.

Are there blind dolphins?

The Ganges dolphins were officially discovered in 1801. Dolphins on the Ganges once inhabited the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Megna and Karnafuri-Sang river systems in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. .. Dolphins on the Ganges can only live in freshwater and are essentially blind.

Are Indus dolphins blind?

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