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What are ants called when they live in colonies?

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Workers or scouts leave their nests (colonys) in search of food. When they do, they put pheromones or chemicals to find a way to return to the nest. They sometimes walk quite far from the nest and use their antennae and other senses to find the right food source.

What is an ant colony?

What is the group of ants called? .. A group of ants is called a colony, or sometimes an army. Ants are social insects that live in large groups with one "queen" ant and many "worker" ants, looking for food and caring for her queen and her offspring. To do.

What is Ali's house called?

Ants live in a comfortable house called an "anthill".

Are ants colonial creatures?

Like humans, ants are social. They live and work together in a highly organized society called colonies. In fact, most ant colonies behave like a single organism, or "superorganism," because they are united for the common purpose of survival, growth, and reproduction. 27 2009

What are the big ants in the colony?

Queen ants are usually the largest ants in the colony. Queen ants have feathers, but they are removed after mating.

What are ants called when they live in colonies?

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