Can mules have babies?

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However, Hinnie and mule cannot have their own baby. They are sterile because they cannot make sperm or eggs. They have a hard time making sperm and eggs because their chromosomes do not match well. the mule gets 32 horse chromosomes from the mother and 31 donkey chromosomes from the father, for a total of 63 chromosomes. 20th month. 2007г.

Can a mule give birth?

Births are so big news, or at least that's what experts say, because mules can't give birth. .. He explained that mules cannot reproduce due to the odd number of chromosomes. "To get a mule, take a male donkey and breed it on a mare," he said. 2018

Why can't mules breed in mules?

In mules, horses and donkeys had 64 and 62 chromosomes, respectively. Due to the non-uniform shuffle of this deck, the mule gets 63 chromosomes. A mule cannot give birth to a baby because it requires an even number of chromosomes for breeding.

Can male mules be impregnated in female horses?

Male hinnies or mules can mate and mate, but the release is not fertile. .. Female mules are rarely known to give birth to offspring when mated with horses and donkeys, but this is extremely rare. Since 1527, 60 foals born to female mules around the world have been recorded.

If you can't breed, is the mule alive?

2) Mule is a hybrid of a male donkey and a female horse. 3) Infertility means that the organism cannot reproduce. Mules are sterile because their parents have different numbers of chromosomes. 4) Lava is still considered alive because it eats, breathes, and performs all other features of the creature.

Can mules have babies?

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