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Can tigers have more than one baby?

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Female tigers give birth to 2-7 cubs on a litter, but not all cubs usually survive. for this reason, usually only two littermates survive until they become adults. 1 day. 2017 г.

Do tigers have multiple babies?

Each litter can have up to 7 pups, but the average is 3. Tigers usually wait 18 to 24 months from birth to birth.

How many babies can a tiger give birth to at one time?

Tigers are known to live in the wild until the age of 26. Female tigers, on average, give birth to 2-4 pups at a time and can give birth every two years.

Can a tiger give birth to 5 pups?

Five tiger babies in about 50 days. .. Generally speaking, Siberian tigers, also known as Korean tigers or Amur tigers, tend to give birth to 2-3 tigers, and it is even more important to give birth to 5 tigers at a time.

How pregnant are tigers?

93 –112 Pregnancy / Pregnancy

Can tigers have more than one baby?

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