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Do Badgers abandon setts?

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Some cobblestones may be abandoned by badgers. You will not be able to use it. In other cases, badger territory may change. Non-mainsets can be upgraded by converting them to mainsets.

Will badgers leave the set?

Badgers work primarily at night Individuals may leave and return to their settlements at very different times. In general, badgers tend to leave their homes around dusk, as shown in the graph below. Badgers first appear when undisturbed.

Do badgers stay in the same set?

Badgers live in a system of interconnected tunnels and chambers called sets. Every badger clan has one major set, which is used for breeding and is usually relatively large. The established cobblestones have been excavated by several generations of badgers, some of which are known to have been occupied for centuries.

How do I know if badger cobblestones are active?

There are some signs that the sill may be active: 1 Smooth polished sides around the entrance hole with repeated use; 2 Grass near the entrance to the sill Evidence of fresh bedding such as; 3 newly excavated piles of soil around the entrance hole; 4 evidence of execution radiating from the entrance hole; identifying anagma activity-M. bovine tuberculosis

Do Badgers abandon setts?

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