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Does the temperature of the sea affect a sponge's temperature?

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21st. 2016 г.・ 41 marine life. The IPPC (2007) predicts that ocean temperatures will rise by 1-5 ° C. 42 For various scenarios of man-made disasters

How does temperature affect the sponge?

Thermal stress also increases or decreases the filtration rate, reduces the density and size of the choanocyte chamber, causes changes in the microbial community of the host sponge, and increases the production of heat shock proteins. May affect the feeding behavior of the host. Leads to rapid upregulation of .7нояб. 2017

At what temperature does the sponge live in water?

This sponge is commonly observed around WAP and generally inhabits waters at temperatures of -1.8 ° C (Klinck et al., 2004), but is rarely found in warm regions. The summer peak around WAP reaches 1.5. 2 ° C each around Marguerite Bay and Palmer Islands. 3 days. 2019

What is the effect of water on the sponge?

What is a sponge?

Why is the sponge elastic?

Sponge elasticity Sponges with a high ratio of stored lipids to certain long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids were found to be more resistant to heating. These specific lipids and fatty acids may maintain cell membrane function and other cellular processes in the face of temperature stress.

Does the temperature of the sea affect a sponge's temperature?

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