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How did Singapore's giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia get pregnant?

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WRS said that Ziasia artificially inseminates semen collected from Kaikai before the mating season in order to take full advantage of the narrow breeding season. Despite the optimistic view that the pair will breed naturally this year, the chances of successful mating have declined sharply. 15th day. 2021

How did The Asia get pregnant?

Jia Jia was artificially inseminated on the 47th of the 48-hour ovulation period on April 24, Dr. Abraham Mathew, WRS Vice President of Veterinary Services, talks about efforts during the briefing. did.

Do Kai Kai and The Asia have babies?

Cub was born on August 14, nine years after The Asia and Kai Kai arrived in Singapore. The zookeepers have been trying to mate since 2015, but have not succeeded until this year due to the difficulty of breeding giant pandas.

How did The Asia give birth?

After making the first mating in 2015 and attempting seven pregnancies, Jia Jia gave birth to the first giant panda born in Singapore on August 14. The giant panda entered its seventh breeding season in April of this year and was artificially inseminated.

When did The Asia give birth?

28th July 2, 1978 / Датаиместорождения

How did Singapore's giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia get pregnant?

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