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How do you welcome an elephant into your home?

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Place an elephant statue or pair at the front door and wish you good luck. If your house has a wide entrance, you can buy a big part. While placing them, make sure they are facing inward for positive results. 26th. 2021

Are you lucky that the elephant faces the door?

Images of elephants in the house bring good luck and good luck. Elephants are often painted with jewels that fulfill their wishes to give good luck. You can place an elephant on the front door to invite you to this positive energy. They can also be placed near the desk for more luck in your career. 2021

Are you lucky to give someone an elephant?

In Hinduism, elephants have a sacred symbol. The Hindu deity Ganesha is characterized by an elephant head and is thought to not only represent wisdom but also bring good luck. .. In any case, the elephant is the perfect symbol for promoting good luck or giving a gift of good luck to a special person.

How do you welcome an elephant into your home?

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