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How long does it take a snail to lay eggs?

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In the process of spawning mating, each snail lays about 80 eggs about 3 to 6 days after mating. Each snail digs a 2-4 cm hole in the soil with its feet and lays eggs that hatch after 2 weeks (Fig. 3). Most spawning occurs in winter, but can continue if the soil remains moist. 9 minutes. 2020г.

How long does it take for a snail to lay eggs?

The slow mating process is complete and sperm can stay in the snail for up to a year, but usually the snail lays eggs within two weeks. Snails are mature enough to start breeding in a month and a half to five years, depending on the species.

How long does a snail get pregnant before spawning?

Freshwater snails usually lay eggs about 14 days after fertilization.

How many times a year does a snail lay eggs?

Under optimal conditions (warm climate, high humidity), snails breed once a month. The garden snail breeds so fast that an average snail can lay 86 eggs per cycle, and an average of 5 breeding cycles per year allows each snail to lay 430 eggs per year. I can do it.

How many days? Do you take snail eggs to hatch?

The incubation period is 21-40 days. This means that snail eggs begin to hatch around the 21st day after incubation. Not surprisingly, when snail eggs hatch, they crawl out of the thin soil layer that covers them into the superficial soil.

How long does it take a snail to lay eggs?

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