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What kinds of turtles live in a pond?

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There are some great species to consider in outdoor ponds. Red-eared slider. Red-eared slider drinking water from an outdoor pond. Painted turtle. The turtle drawn on the log was pulled back into the shell. Northern map turtle. Yellow-bellied slider. snapping turtle. Eastern mud turtle. European pond turtle.

What kind of turtles are there in the pond?

Freshwater turtle 2021 (native species) that can be kept in an outdoor pond 1.2.1 1) Painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) 1.2.2 2) Mississippia turtle / terapine (Trachemys scripta elegans) 1.2.3 3) Common map turtle (Graptemysgeographica) 1.2.4 4) Box turtle (Terrapene) 1.2.5 5) European red-eared slider (Emys orbicularis) Types of freshwater turtles for outdoor use (Pond turtle pet)

As if a pond turtle looks like?

Appearance: The color of the Western pond turtle ranges from brown to black in the shell (upper shell), and bright marbling can be seen in close-up. Plastron (lower shell) is black and yellow. The head and feet are dark and may have yellow markings (but not striped like a painted turtle).

Can turtles live in the backyard pond?

Turtles require a great deal of care and are not suitable for children, but they can make a great addition to the pond. The best type is aquatic organisms because they adapt rapidly to the environment of the pond.

What kind of turtles can live in the water?

For beginners, we recommend harder species of aquatic turtles, such as red-eared sliders, couters, turtles, and turtles. Note that sliders and cooters reach a mature length of 12 inches or more, while turtles and cooters are about half their size.

What kinds of turtles live in a pond?

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What types of turtles can be kept as pets?

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