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How many deer are there in 1 acre?

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There is a very large ranch on one side that does not give protein Response: It is important to determine the proper number of deer per acre of any property

What is the proper number of deer per acre?

What is the optimal deer density for my property? There are many variables that determine the optimal deer density for a property, but initially 20-30 acres per deer is a relatively safe goal.

How many deer can live on 100 acres?

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Low quality habitat, 1 per 25-100 acres of high quality habitat, 1 per 100-300 acres of medium quality habitat to stabilize the herd. Shoot one adult every 300-640 acres of. -Quality habitat. 2012

How many deer are there in 1 acre?

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What do you call a large group of sheep?

How many acres of habitat do deer need to reach maturity?

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