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Is a Basenji a good guard dog?

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Basenji is intrigued by the inability to physically bark. Still, they are still vigilant due to their keen sight and hearing, alertness to strangers, intrinsic distrust of new and different things, and territorial instincts. They let you know when something is wrong.

Is Basenji aggressive?

However, although the aggression previously used in hunting games has been significantly suppressed, it still has that aggression. Basenji usually show a quiet and friendly attitude towards their owners, strangers and fellow dogs. .. Therefore, Basenji may prove to be dangerous and aggressive against small animals.

What is the best breed for your guard dog?

Top 10 Best Guard Dog Bullmastiff List. Known for its strength, protective instinct, courage, and extreme family loyalty, Bullmastiff is one of the best watchdog breeds. .. Doberman Pinscher. .. Rottweiler. .. Komondor. .. pulley. .. Giant Schnauzer. .. German shepherd. .. Rhodesian Ridge Back Top 10 Best Guard Dog

Is a Basenji a good guard dog?

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