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Is a chameleon a reptile yes or no?

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Chameleons are reptiles that are part of the suborder Iguana. These colorful lizards are known as one of the few animals that can change the color of their skin. February. 2015 г.

Is the chameleon a reptile or a lizard?

Chameleons are reptiles and can confuse those who encounter chameleons, as some species lay live offspring like mammals rather than spawning like other reptiles. .. Chameleons are identified as reptiles because of their cold-blooded nature, unlike mammals, which are usually warm-blooded animals. 2018

Chameleons and amphibians?

Chameleons are reptiles. As a type of lizard, they start their lives by hatching from land eggs.

What is the reason for making animals reptiles?

Reptiles are cold-blooded vertebrates that breathe air and have a scaly body rather than hair or feathers. Most reptiles lay eggs, but certain "scaled reptiles" (lizards, snakes, worm lizards) give birth to live young.

Is chameleon suitable as the first reptile?

In general, chameleons are not good for novice reptiles due to their complex needs and susceptibility to stress (especially when dealing with them), but they are experienced reptile owners and the next step. If you're ready to move on, Chameleon may be for you.

Is a chameleon a reptile yes or no?

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