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Why do fish chase each other in a fish tank?

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Fish chase each other for a variety of reasons, including territorial protection, establishing control, competing for food, and mating. Even fish, which are usually obedient fish, can chase other fish due to constant stress. This can be due to incompatible tankmates, poor water quality, or overcrowded tanks. May 30, 2021

Is it normal for fish to chase each other?

Whatever the cause, it is normal fish behavior to chase and can be easily seen without intervention. However, if you find that one or two fish are constantly attacking or bullying other fish, it may be time to take action, for example, in a separate aquarium.

Why do my fish keep attacking each other?

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Territory. In many cases, fish battles break out over the territory. When it comes to defending your territory in an aquarium, some territorial fish can become very territorial and aggressive against other fish. They like to occupy certain areas of your aquarium and set them as their territory.

Why do fish chase each other in a fish tank?

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