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Is Blindness a characteristic or a characteristic?

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When we understand the nature of the visually impaired as a feature-the usual features like hundreds of others each of us must live with-we are filled with service to the visually impaired You will better understand the real needs and lies that must not be met. A person who is found by the consultant's ophthalmologist to be visually impaired, severely impaired, visually impaired, or partially visually impaired is considered impaired. Severe malformation phobia is treated as a disorder.

The National Federation of the Visually Impaired knows that visual impairment is not a defining feature of you or your future. We raise the expectations of the visually impaired every day because low expectations create a disability between the visually impaired and our dreams. You can live the life you want. Visual impairment does not interfere with you

What is visual impairment-handicap or charisma?

Visual impairment-impairment or characteristic. Take the visible person with an average mind (not too difficult to find). Take the blind (not impossible to find) with a good heart, and then equalize all the other characteristics of these two (certainly impossible).

How does visual impairment affect a child's perception of reality?

Blind children have limited ability to organize elements into higher levels of thinking and validate that information. Therefore, the child needs to create a reality different from the visible child.

Is the visually impaired a disabled person?

If you choose the side of baseball, the visually impaired will be more restricted. In other words, he is a "disabled person." If you are looking for someone to teach history or science or calculate income tax, the visible are more restricted or "disabled".

Can't you see only your eyes?

In the whole flow of his visible life, when blindness comes to a person, it is the end of that visible life, death hitting blindness, if not naive. Thinking as is superficial, only for the eyes, only for the eyesight. It's a devastating blow to a man's self-image almost a blow to himself.

What are the characteristics of blind people?

I can't see objects in the distance, like whiteboards and blackboards. I have a problem reading (or learning to read) and am attending a class. You may not be able to focus or chase things, squinting and rubbing your eyes, or causing red eye or hypersensitivity to light.

Is blindness a handicap?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) considers "legal" or "statutory" visual impairment to be eligible. Legally blind people include those who have experienced severe vision loss due to their condition, as well as those who have been blind since birth.

What are the strengths of the blind?

But perhaps blindness brings enough benefits to make it attractive to you. A quick look at the Internet shows that Yahoo believes that the three main benefits of visual impairment are improved smell and touch, improved self-confidence, and improved sensory abilities.

What are the restrictions?

Blind people have no eyesight, but may be able to see light and shadow. In other words, the individual has no useful eyesight. This limitation represents a person who cannot be seen due to injury, illness, or congenital condition. It can be temporary or permanent.

Is Blindness a characteristic or a characteristic?

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