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Is it possible to feed the sponges?

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How do you feed the sponge?

Sponges are filter feeders. They feed by drawing water from their pores, retaining fine food particles, and passing water through their bodies.

How do you feed the sponge?

It is called sticking because it is attached. To get food, sponges allow water to pass through their bodies in a process known as filter feeding. Water is drawn into the sponge through a small hole called the current pore.

Can the sponge come back to life?

The extraordinary ability of the sponge to regenerate is manifested not only by the recovery of damaged or lost parts, but also by the complete regeneration of adults from fragments or single cells. When returned to good condition, these fragments form a complete sponge. ..

How does this sponge feed itself?

Sponges have a unique feeding system among animals. Instead of a mouth, there is a small hole (mouth) in the outer wall through which water is drawn. The cells on the wall of the sponge filter food from the water as it is pumped through the body and the forehead (the "small mouth").

Is it possible to feed the sponges?

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