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What is the collective noun for Ravens?

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Crow's unfriendly: collective noun. The 6th. 2012г.

Is a flock of crows called a flock?

Collective nouns for crow groups (or at least ravens) include "rave," "betrayal," "unfriendly," and "conspiracy." In practice, most people use the more common "flock".

Why are crow groups called unfriendly?

A flock of crows is sometimes called "unfriendly". Crows are associated with bad luck and are mythically trickster animals.

What do you call a magpie group?

Abi: Asylum, crying, water dancing. Magpie: Tiding.

What is the noun of the crow group?

One of our most famous (and easy-to-remember) collective nouns is the killing of crows.

What is the collective noun for Ravens?

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