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What animals can hold water?

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Their bodies can store water and naturally absorb it when needed. Ostriches stay in the heat. Me. Ostriches have long legs and long necks that keep them away from the hot desert ground. sand gazelles lose less water. Me. camels use fat to store water. Me. the giraffe defeats the camel. Me.

Are there any animals that don't need water?

There are some animals that can survive for years without drinking water. Popular examples include desert tortoises, kangaroo rats, thorny devils, water-retaining frogs, African lungfish, and desert spade toads. 2018

Do all animals contain water?

All living things are mainly made of water. Did you know that chicken is 75% water? Are 80% earthworms and 95% tomatoes? And you are 65% water.

What animals can hold water?

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Which animal does not absorb water through its skin?

What animals absorb water through their skin?

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