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What are slug tentacles called?

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The upper optical tentacles have light-sensitive eye-spots on both ends. The stems of each eye can move independently and can re-grow if lost. The eye stalk is also used for the sense of smell.

What are snail tentacles?

In essence. The eye pattern is a special type of tentacle. Tentacles may also have a sensory organ at its end. Examples of creatures with sensory tentacles include snails, the trilobite superfamily Asaphida, and the fly family Diopsidae.

What is called what is in the head of a slug?

Tentacles Like other pulmonary terrestrial abalone, most terrestrial slugs have two pairs of "tentacles" or tentacles on their heads. The upper pair is light-sensing, with eye-spots on both ends, and the lower pair provides a sensation of odor. Both pairs are retractable.

What is the snail's eye pattern called?

Also, looking at the tip of the tentacle is not common among snails. However, this is common to terrestrial pulmonary snails, and they are also given a scientific name. Stylommatophora means "stem-eyed snail".

What are snail legs called?

Gastropods usually have a clear head with two or four sensory tentacles with eyes and abalone that names the abalone (Greek stomach, stomach, and feet, feet). ). The most important part of the foot is called the propodium. Its function is to push away sediment as the snail crawls.

What are slug tentacles called?

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