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What is the function of the bottom two tentacles of a snail?

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These are mainly used for orienting the sense of smell. The sensory cells on the surface of the tentacles provide the snail with an image of the odor of its environment and are also useful for food retrieval. 18 minutes. 2021

What is the bottom part of the snail called?

Base-The bottom of the terrestrial gastropod shell as seen through the opening on the right. Body Swirl — The last and outermost swirl of an adult shell. Breathing hole — An opening in the mantle that allows air to pass through. Also known as Pneumostorm.

Where are the snail tentacles?

There are two pairs of retractable tentacles on the heads of slugs and snails. The upper optical tentacles have light-sensitive eye-spots on both ends. The stems of each eye can move independently and can re-grow if lost. The eye stalk is also used for the sense of smell.

What do slug tentacles do?

The upper tentacles are called optical tentacles and are the eyes of slugs. Optical tentacles have light-sensitive eye-spots on the edges that can be regrown if lost. These are also used for odors. The lower pair are two small tentacles, used for sensation and tasting.

What are the three parts of the snail?

General body structure. The snail's body consists of five main parts: the head, neck, visceral hump, tail, and feet. Slugs have the same important parts, except for the humps and shells of the internal organs.

What is the function of the bottom two tentacles of a snail?

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What are slug tentacles called?

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