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What are some interesting facts about sponges?

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Sponge is a kind of aquatic animal, mainly marine multicellular animal, and comes with a lifestyle. It is distributed all over the world, from coastal areas to almost the deepest sea depths. There are about 8000 species. Wikipedia

What are the interesting facts about sponges?

Different types of sponges often drift to the beaches of Sanibel. These ill-mannered (meaning immobile) creatures are animals, but biologists once thought of them as plants! Sponges can be found all over the world, from polar to tropical regions. They live in shallow water and deep sea, and some live in freshwater. March 6th, 2015

Do you have eyes on the sponge?

The sponge has no eyes or ears. There is no nose or mouth.

Do you poop on the sponge?

# 6 Non-pooping animals: Sponge Sponge filters water instead of defecation in the traditional way. .. .. Instead, they filter the water they take into their bodies. They emit the form of "sponge poop," which is the carbon that other organisms feed on.

How old is the sponge?

Scientists say that one of the most basic animals, sponges, occurred hundreds of millions of years before the oldest confirmed fossil specimens dated back about 500 million years. I'm predicting.

What are some interesting facts about sponges?

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Are sponges an endangered species?

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