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What are the physical characteristics of a giraffe?

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What are the five interesting facts about giraffes?

Top 10 Facts About Giraffes Giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world. .. Giraffes can stand for about 30 minutes after they are born. .. Giraffes are almost always up. .. Giraffes don't need much sleep. .. Young giraffes hang out in groups until they are five months old. .. Giraffes are very peaceful animals. .. All giraffes are unique! Top 10 Facts About Giraffes-Fun Kids-British Children's Radio Station

What physical adaptations do giraffes have?

There are indications for giraffes. This is a physical property or behavior that helps an animal survive in its natural habitat. Giraffes have long necks that help them reach for their favorite foods and find predators. They also have a dark, thick, easy-to-grip tongue. That is, it can be twisted and wrapped and grabbed.

What are the physical characteristics of animals?

Animals have body coverings (eg, hair, fur, feathers, scales, shells), body shapes (eg, 2 major features, 3 major features), appendages (eg, for example). It can be classified according to various physical characteristics such as arm). , Legs, wings, fins, tail), and how to move (eg, walking, crawling, flying, swimming).

What are the physical characteristics of a giraffe?

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