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What are the external appendages of a spider?

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Most of the spider's external appendages are attached to the cephalothorax, such as the eyes, chelicerae, other parts of the mouth, pedipals, and legs.

Which is the first pair of spider appendages?

The cephalothorax is covered with a rigid cover (carapace) on the back side, has 6 pairs of appendages, the first appendage is the chelicerae, and is the only appendage in front of the mouth.

What are the appendages for biting a spider?

The first is the chelicerae, the only appendage in front of the mouth. In many forms, they are like chelates or scissors and are used to hold and grind prey. In the spider, the base of the chelicerae contains a poisonous sac, and the second part, the fangs, is injected

Which two appendages does the spider use for feeding? ??

Spiders have two more pairs of appendages. The first pair, chelicerae, helps with feeding and defense. The next pair, the pedipalp, helps the organism feed, move, and reproduce.

What is the spider's arm called?

The pedipalp (usually abbreviated as palps or palpi) is the second pair of chelicerata appendages and is a group of arthropods such as spiders, scorpions, horseshoe crabs, and sea spiders. The pedipalp is on the outside of the chelicerae ("jaw") and in front of the first pair of walking legs.

What are the external appendages of a spider?

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