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What are the five largest land mammals on Earth?

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10 largest terrestrial animals by weight: African elephants: Up to 6,900 kg. Asian elephant: up to 4,600 kg. White rhino: Up to 3,600 kg. Indian rhino: up to 2,132 kg. Forest elephant: Up to 2,300 kg. Black rhino: up to 2,900 kg. Hippo: Up to 2,000 kg. Giraffe: Up to 1,395 kg.

What are the top five largest mammals?

Of the five largest animals on the planet, all are mammals, four are herbivores and one is a marine animal, all of which are truly impressive. Great whale. .. elephant. .. Hippo. .. Rhino. .. Polar bear. Top 5 Largest Animals-Mom.com Pets

What are the largest terrestrial mammals on the planet?

RankNameMass1 African Bush Elephant 5,200โ€“6,900 kg (11,500โ€“15,200 lb) 2 Asian Elephant 3,500โ€“4,600 kg (7,700โ€“10,100 lb) 3 White Rhino 3,200โ€“3,600 kg (7,100โ€“7,900 lb) 4 India Rhinoceros 2,070โ€“2,132 (4,564โ€“4,700 lbs)

What are the three largest mammals?

Elephants, mammoths, mastodons (proboscideans) The largest living terrestrial animal, the African elephant.

What are the five largest land mammals on Earth?

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