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What do elephants use their trunk for?

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All kinds of elephants use their trunks to remove plants from their branches, pull grass from the ground, and then shovel the plants into their mouths. 25th. 2019г.

What is the elephant trunk used for?

The elephant's trunk is an extension of the upper lip and nose. It works to grab, breathe, feed, dust, smell, drink, lift, make / communicate, defend / protect, and sense.

To eat these, the elephant sweeps loose items into the mountains and crushes them into manageable solids that can be picked up in the trunk. "They don't just squeeze the plants together using the strong muscles of the trunk," Hu said. "Elephants also use the weight of the trunk to do this by forming joints in the trunk.

What do elephants use their trunk and fangs for?

They serve a variety of purposes: digging, lifting things, collecting food, peeling the bark from trees to eat, and defending. Fangs also protect the trunk. It drinks and breathes. Another valuable tool for eating and eating.

Do elephants use their trunk to drink?

Elephants, unlike humans, use their trunks It helps to drink, but sucks water along the way and uses the trunk to spout water into the mouth. The elephant's trunk is a combination of the nose and upper lip that can be touched, grabbed, and sniffed. .

What do elephants use their trunk for?

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