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What family is the Komodo dragon in?

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The monitor lizard family is a family of lizards in the super family Varanoidea of ​​the monitor lizard group. This family, a group of carnivorous and fruit-eating lizards, includes the genus Varanas alive and many extinct genera. Wikipedia

What is a Komodo dragon?

According to a new study, Komodo dragons were part of a very large distribution of lizards of related species throughout the region, including Australia. In fact, the Komodo dragon is a bit smaller than some of these other lizards.

What order do Komodo dragons belong to?

Scaled Komodo Monitor / Squad

Which gate is the Komodo dragon?

Chordate Komodo Monitor / Type

What family is the Komodo dragon in?

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Is Komodo dragon mammal or reptile?

What are some common misconceptions about slugs?

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